HSICT Information Literacy Subcommittee (HILS)


The mandate of this Subcommittee is to foster collaboration and information sharing about health information literacy instruction delivered to University of Toronto students both on campus and in the HSICT hospital libraries affiliated to the University of Toronto.


The HSICT Information Literacy Subcommittee:

  • Ensures that Gerstein and hospital librarians all have a clear understanding of the range of information literacy education activities that each provide to UofT students and faculty in Medicine  at all levels to ensure a continuity of service and knowledge throughout the student experience;
  • Identifies gaps in instruction in the undergraduate medical curriculum and works on strategies to fill those gaps;
  • Shares information about instruction of students in other health service disciplines as appropriate (e.g. Nursing, Pharmacy, Social Work, Dentistry, Rehab, Kinesiology);
  • Shares information about interdisciplinary instruction in the Health Sciences, as appropriate (e.g. Pain Week);  
  • Recruits and supports instructors from the membership of the Consortium and from the University of Toronto Libraries;
  • Identifies professional development needs of members, and organizes events relating to the instruction of information literacy in the health sciences.

Structure & Reporting:

The HSICT Information Literacy Subcommittee is co-chaired by a representative from affiliated teaching hospitals and a representative from the Gerstein Science Information Centre. The Subcommittee has dual accountability to the Consortium’s Management Committee and to the Director of the Gerstein Science Information Centre.


Membership is composed of:

  • A designated representative from each of the nine fully affiliated teaching hospital libraries, as well as Trillium Health Partners
  • One designated representative from each of the Gerstein Science Information Centre and the University of Toronto Mississauga Library
  • A designated representative of the HSICT office
  • UTL librarians and HSICT member librarians are also welcome to participate
  • The first co-chair will be the liaison to Undergraduate Medical Education from the Gerstein Science Information Centre
  • The second co-chair will be appointed from the teaching hospitals membership and may serve for a maximum of three years with a possibility of a second term.