Measuring Value Task Force

Terms of Reference


The Task Force on Measuring the Value of Library Services was formed in February 2013, first meeting March 2013, in response to Goal B of the
HSICT Operational Plan.  The Task Force was established to develop and identify performance indicators that demonstrate the impact our members have on health care and research within their


  • Identify measures for our members that are relevant to clinical practice, patient care, public health, research, & health policy
  • development
  • Share best practices in benchmarking guidelines and health library standards, and
  • Help our members to function as high level professionals, who will raise the profile of our field.


  • Survey members for:
    • Current practices
    • Expressed needs in reporting value
    • Tools, methods, tips to share.
  • Establish standard benchmarks that can be used or customized for regular reporting.
  • Recommend survey methodology for periodic evaluation of services.
  • Create a toolbox of resources, including those developed by our members, on a web platform accessible to our members.
  • Create a brief resource list of research based reports and articles
    that support the value of library and information services in health
  • Work with TAHSNe member librarians to ensure resources and methods are shared. 


The Task Force includes representatives from a cross section of HSICT libraries including a designated representative of a TAHSNe member
library. The Executive Director is also a member.


Sheila LaCroix (CAMH) & Jeanna Hough (Halton Health)

Meetings and Reporting

Meetings will be held bi-monthly. The Co-Chairs will report regularly to Management Committee and will provide a progress report at the HSICT
AGM and a final report April, 2014.


To June 30, 2014