Resource Sharing Subcommittee

Terms of Reference


The Resource Sharing Subcommittee provides an opportunity for Consortium members to share information about interlibrary loan and other resource sharing issues, particularly at a time when many libraries are shifting from paper to electronic resources.


  • Provides a forum for discussion of issues, policies, procedures, products, vendors, tools and any other matters related to resource sharing among Consortium libraries.
  • Discusses issues of concern relating to resource sharing and makes recommendations as appropriate to Management Committee.
  • Utilizes the Listserv as the primary communication channel to convey all resource sharing related queries, information, policy changes, etc., to HSICT member libraries.
  • The Resource Sharing Subcommittee Chair will provide the HSICT Director with an electronic file of the current “HSICT SERHOLD Union List” from Docline for posting to the HSICT website on an annual basis, at the beginning of each calendar year
  • Monitors, discusses and reports on issues related to Docline usage within the Consortium; if warranted, a Working Group may be established to facilitate solutions and recommendations on complicated issues prior to their presentation at the next regularly scheduled Subcommittee meeting. 
  • Establishes other Working Groups, as needed, to evaluate products, develop tools, review procedures and recommend actions.  All Working Groups are to draft Terms of Reference acceptable to the Management Committee. 
  • Communicates and works cooperatively with other Consortium Subcommittees, Task Forces and Working Groups on issues of shared concern.


The Resource Sharing Subcommittee will be composed of participants representing:

  • Each type of member library (full/partial teaching, community, other);
  • Newly joined organizations, regardless of whether they are libraries or not;
  • University of Toronto Resource Sharing; one from Gerstein Science Information Centre and one from Robarts Library.

Individuals whose job duties are related to resource sharing are particularly encouraged to participate. 

Participation on Working Groups is open to individuals throughout the Consortium (i.e. not just members of the Subcommittee) but at least one Subcommittee member must serve on each Working Group.


The Chair is to be appointed by the members of the Subcommittee and serves for one year, with the possibility of being re-appointed for no more than one additional, consecutive term.  The Chair is responsible for chairing all meetings of the Subcommittee, reporting on Subcommittee’s activities to the Management Committee upon request, providing a written and verbal report of the Subcommittee’s activities to the HSICT membership at the Annual General Meeting. 


Meets at least quarterly.  The first meeting of each new academic year will be an open meeting with all Consortium members invited to attend.  A representative from each Working Group is to report at every meeting.  Minutes of all meetings are to be distributed to all Consortium libraries.